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Quadraspire Ltd of the UK is one of the most highly regarded producers of Audio Video furniture in the world.  Their combination of minimalist, modern styling, choice of quality materials and performance preserving design has won awards and rave reviews throughout the UK, Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan.

Our sister company, Overture Imports, was the US importer and distributor for Quadraspire from November 2005 until June 2009.  They are now closing out their remaining inventory at deeply discounted prices.

TheDigitalMusicExperts.com has been tapped to help in this process, offering its clients access to the remaining inventory items at substantial savings - from 20% to 50% off original retail prices.  These savings are available on remaining stock of Q Series AV stands, Reference Acrylic stands, QK and Qube Series of AV cabinets, Sunoko Vent Ultimate component stands and the QX! Silencer Series of component isolation accessories.

The Quadraspire Reference Acrylic shelving is now added to our closeout offerings.  The Reference Acrylic line of products was developed by Quadraspire in cooperation with Music Works of the UK, to be the ultimate performance preserving racks and wall mount shelves available.  We have limited quantities of the Reference Acrylic product on hand at a savings of 40% - check them out before they are gone!

The Quadraspire Reference Glass collection of equipment racks is the first installment in their inventory clearance sale.  The Reference Glass collection is available now at 50% off the regular price.

We have added Overture Imports, Inc. remaining stock of Quadraspire QK Hi-Fi cabinets to our closeout specials.  The QK Series are fully enclosed and lockable equipment cabinets featuring the highest quality materials and hardware.  They combine beautiful modern design with exceptional engineering to isolate the enclosed components from performance degrading vibrations.  Check out the remaining stock of QK Series cabinets at closeout prices of 45% off!

Finally, we highly recommend that you check out the Quadraspire QX! Silencer Isolation Support products.  They have earned rave reviews and product of the year awards for their ability to reduce the deleterious sonic effects of contact vibrations and surface resonances on loudspeaker performance.

The QX!600 24” speaker stands and the QX!165 2.5” shelf top speaker supports will preserve the performance of any compact “bookshelf” or “stand-mount” loudspeaker, resulting in improved clarity and stereo imaging as well as reducing annoying “bass boom”.  Check out why HiFi+ gave the the QX!600 Speaker Stands their Product of the Year Award in 2009 - as they said “Highly Commended” - and we heartily agree!

Quadraspire Closeout Specials