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The Digital Music Experts brings you a new experience in home entertainment - the first high fidelity home entertainment systems of the 21st century!

The 21st century high fidelity home entertainment system is a direct development of the digital music (and media) revolution - these systems are truly revolutionary in terms of their sound quality, interface, access to content, versatility, environmental impact and overall value.

How revolutionary are these new systems?  Well, we believe they will dominate the way we interact with media over the coming years.  Ultimately they will push HDTV and FM broadcasts, as well as CD, DVD and even the recently introduced BluRay formats, to the margins right next to LPs, Compact Cassettes and 8 Tracks.  These new systems will allow 21st century fans of all the performing arts to access their favorite performances, whether they be from their own media library on their HD or streamed from a remote server over the web, at the click of a mouse or the tap of a touchscreen in true high fidelity.  Being “faithful to the original” has never been so easy, rewarding and all encompassing!

A traditional, or legacy, home entertainment system is minimally composed of CD player, tuner, amplifier (itself consisting of pre and power amplifier sections, or as separate components) and at least one pair of speakers.  The “Home Theater” variant of the above would add a DVD or BluRay player, a Surround Sound Processor, additional amplifiers and speakers (for as few as two and as many as five additional channels!), a subwoofer and some form of display device.  You may even see satellite radio and standard AM/FM tuners, a video game console as well as a DVR in a “full featured” home theater system.  Most homes would end up with a stack of four, five, or even over a dozen components (often in a dedicated rack), with up to eight (or more) speakers, as well as a television (and some way to mount it!)  All of these components require interconnecting cables and AC mains cords, and all have unique, and frequently awkward, control schemes with their own remote controls.

In comparison, the simplest 21st century music systems are composed of a Network Music Player (NMP) that accesses your iTunes library, internet radio and music streaming services from your computer, via WIFI or wired network connection, and a pair of quality speakers.  Our entry level Gateway System has all of this functionality built into a single chassis about the size of a portable stereo, with a price that is eminently affordable.  Those with more demanding tastes and a bit bigger budget can be satisfied with upgraded variations on the simple system using a separate NMP and a pair of discrete amplified speakers, offering improved sound quality, increased output and greater placement flexibility.

In the most elegant of 21st century systems we recommend a 2.1 channel speaker system (left, right and subwoofer cabinets) with onboard digital to analog conversion, control center and amplification electronics - all precision engineered and manufactured by AVI Ltd of the UK - connected to either an Apple TV or a Mac Mini and a HDTV display.  AVI’s Digital Lifestyle products offer the utmost in sound quality, ease of operation, reliability and efficiency.  When used with a Mac Mini or an Apple TV and a HDTV display the sound quality experienced playing music, movies or television shows from your iTunes library, or from any one of literally thousands of internet entertainment websites will knock your socks off!

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Recommended Systems

Welcome      About Us      Our Brands      Systems      Specials      News      Views      Links      Contact



The Desktop: $348.00 - Designed to offer quality playback for all your digital streaming needs, The Desktop system is a great first step into the digital media revolution.  The Desktop system uses a simple USB connection from your laptop or desktop computer to get true high fidelity audio for all your favorite digital music and media applications.

The Perfectionist: $4645.00 - The AVI-d Digital Lifestyle top range system consisting of the highly regarded, award winning ADM 9RSS Active Digital Monitors with the matching, purpose designed and built ADM 10” Powered Subwoofer.  Clarity, Detail, Dynamics, Imaging and Full Frequency Response are the calling cards of this system.  Just provide your own analog or digital source (we recommend either the Apple TV or a Mac Mini) and you are up and running with the best media playback the 21st century has to offer!

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