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When demanding music and cinema lovers want to get the most from their media libraries, they choose the Perfectionist System.  This state of the art system features the top of the line AVI-d Digital Lifestyle components - the ADM 9RSS Active Digital Monitors and the matching ADM 10” Powered Subwoofer - delivering true high fidelity sound with exceptional value.

TJ uses the Perfectionist System at home in a Mac Mini based HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) system consisting of an Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Mini, Newertech 1Tb Mini Stack HD, Elgato EyeTV Hybrid and an LG 42” LCD HDTV as a monitor.

How revolutionary is this new system?  Well, here is a recounting of a typical home entertainment experience at TJ’s  home.

“I came home from a long day at the office and wanted to decompress and relax once I walked in the door.  Fortunately I was able to use Apple Remote on my iPhone to listen to Bob Marley’s Kaya from my iTunes library through my Perfectionist System, and “Is This Love” was playing as I walked into the living room.  I decided it would be nice to listen to Los Lobos playing “Peace” off of Kiko, so I sat back and enjoyed the simple, stripped down production complement the great sentiment to this tune, leading me to listen to the entire album.  Switching gears, I used Front Row to watch some DVR recordings from my Elgato EyeTV - Austin City Limits with a performance by Ben Harper and his new band, Relentless 7, and then on to SoundStage with a performance by Jackson Browne.  After an hour and a half of these ‘personal concerts’ it was time to catch up on broadcast television via Hulu.  I noticed there was an episode of Glee that I had missed and thought why not, a guilty pleasure that no one else need know about.  After finishing up with Glee on Hulu, it was time to get ready to call it a night, but a little downbeat background music seemed to be in order.  I once again used Front Row to find my Favorite Internet Radio Station playlist, and started streaming some ambient music off Drone Zone from SomaFM.

Funny thing is that to enjoy all this media I never once had to leave my seat or change the settings on my home audio system.  All the content was delivered in exquisite high fidelity via the optical digital output connection from my Mac Mini to my AVI ADM 9RSS Active Digital Monitor speakers and the matching 10” Powered Subwoofer.  I used the simple Apple Remote Handset included with the Mac Mini to navigate all my options in Front Row - an elegant interface that is so intuitive anyone can use it in 30 seconds - and the total energy draw (including my 42” display) was less than what my first high-end power amplifier would draw at idle!”

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The Perfectionist              $4645.00

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