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The Desktop system allows you to enter into the exciting world of quality digital media playback.  Designed to playback all the music and soundtracks from your digital media library, The Desktop system is a simple plug and play USB connection from your laptop or desktop computer.

The Desktop system offers a huge step up in sound quality over the speakers that came with your computer or monitor.  Whether you are listening to your favorite playlist in iTunes, catching up on all the must see TV on Hulu, streaming a classic film on Netflix or just streaming something you love on the web, The Desktop system will greatly improve your listening experience.

The Desktop system begins with the highly regarded Calyx Kong USB Digital to Analog Converter and Headphone Amplifier. The Calyx Kong will natively support file formats up to 16 bit and 48 kHz sampling frequency, so it can give you better than CD quality sound from the USB connection on your computer.  Painstaking design of the Digital to Analog conversion and analog output circuit paths, careful selection of the digital and analog internal components (including custom built Nichicon capacitors) as well as a very cleverly implemented analog volume control result in a very satisfying sound with exceptional ease of operation when using either a revealing pair of headphones or a high-quality pair of speakers. 

The Desktop system feeds the first rate output of the Calyx Kong in to a pair of rave reviewed Audioengine A2 powered speakers.  Featuring a high quality 2.75” Kevlar mid-bass driver and a .75” ferro-fluid cooled soft dome tweeter, the A2s provide unexpectedly rich and deep sound in a near field or desktop application.  The Audioengine A2 has a built in 30 watt amplifier which provides enough control and power to satisfy even the most critical desktop listener.

As The Desktop comes with all the cables you will need to set the system up, you can start enjoying all your digital media within minutes of signing for your shipment.

The Desktop system is available for $348.00, and this price includes UPS Ground shipping within the contiguous USA.

(The Calyx Kong gets its name from the Korean word for “pea” and was named so because it was originally available in the green finish shown to the right.  The Calyx Kong is now available in the US only in the purple finish pictured above, so act soon if you want to get our last green “pea” Calyx Kong.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone!)

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The Desktop                         $348.00

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