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At the heart of the home media center of the 21st century there are speakers.  They bring the audio from movies, television, and online streaming content (like YouTube and Pandora) to life.  They play the AACs, MP3s and ripped CDs on our media servers.  They are at the center of our homes, playing the soundtracks for our lives.

Some suggest you have to use a multitude of speakers - either a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system with speakers and wires (and the necessary installation crew) everywhere, with effects coming from the ceiling, the walls and sneaking up behind you, all driven by monstrously inefficient and expensive surround sound receivers connected to huge nests of wire.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, here at TheDigitalMusicExperts, we tend to think that surround sound is far to often a “one trick pony.” One that ultimately distracts the viewer and detracts from the cinematic experience.  Instead, we offer a bold new solution from the 1950s – stereo!

To put a finer point on it, we offer the Neutron Five 2.1 system from AVI-d.  Beautifully compact and marvelously engineered to fill your room with breathtaking music or dramatic cinema sound, the Neutron Five 2.1 system delivers spectacular sound from just 3 attractive black boxes and a minimum of wires.

How can this possibly rival surround sound?  Are you in your living room now?  Look behind you.  Is there a television back there?  Imagine yourself at a concert.  Is the band behind you?  We thought not!

As we hear from more and more clients who have become disillusioned with surround sound in the home, we realized that what many people want is a new type of audio playback system.  One that easily integrates all of today’s digital multimedia in a way that is easy to use while offering unsurpassed clarity, deep clean bass, faithful dynamics and lifelike spaciousness, all in a compact and stylish package.  We found all of these characteristics in the new Neutron Five 2.1 system form AVI-d.  AVI have borrowed a bit of the innovation that went into their flagship ADM 9.1 system, and built a smaller 2.1 (two fronts and a subwoofer) system with the preamp, digital-to-analog converter, and amplifiers (perfectly matched to the speakers they’re meant to drive) packaged in an inconspicuous matte black subwoofer. Then they tied them to a pair of small, lovely piano black speakers. The results are amazing for the price, which is just $1899.00 for the control unit/subwoofer, $899.00 for the main speakers.

The way it all comes together is nothing short of brilliant: You simply plug all your sources, including your computer if you like, into a choice of digital and analog inputs on the back of the subwoofer, hit play, and control it all from the supplied remote. The stacks of boxes and tangles of wires are gone forever!

What about that center channel speaker? Well, it seems that the inventors of surround sound forgot about one of the best things a good pair of speakers can do – imaging. The little Neutron 5s will put anything mixed to the “dialog” channel dead center between the stereo speakers, right where it belongs. They will also create a sound stage that places instruments, voices and effects at points along a continuum between, and even beyond, the speakers. This is what stereo was meant to do. A center doesn’t help; it merely gets in the way, detracting from the experience - nearly as much as those speakers at the other end of the room from the screen, the screen that is the focus of the soundtrack!

So take a look around your room. When you’ve realized that your television isn’t behind you, give us a ring.

AVI-d Neutron Five 2.1 Digital Media Playback System $2798.00

Clearance Price $1995.00 - Save $803.00!

Quantities Limited - Only One System Left!

AVI Neutron Five 2.1 System Stands, AVI Neutron 5 2.1 System Stands
AVI Neutron Five Gloss Black, AVI Neutron 5 Gloss Black
AVI Neutron Five Subwoofer, AVI Neutron 5 Subwoofer, Sub

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